14. G. Playing Area Dimensions and Rules

14.G.1. Sideline Clearance/Replay: A minimum of 5 feet of clearance from each sideline is recommended. If a distance less than 5 feet is provided, any wheelchair player that, in the judgment of the referee, is prevented from returning the ball before the 3rd bounce, (dead ball) shall be awarded a replay of the rally.

14.G.2. Baseline Clearance/Replay:  A minimum of 8 feet of clearance from the baseline to the back perimeter is recommended. If a distance less than 8 feet is provided, if a player’s wheelchair that is completely behind the baseline is hit with the ball, a replay of the rally shall be called. Exception: If in the judgment of the referee it is determined that the wheelchair player deliberately positioned the wheelchair so as to be hit by the ball, the referee shall call a fault on the offending wheelchair player.


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