2021 USA Pickleball Official Rulebook Index

10 second rule 4.E

  • between games 5.B.2
  • switching sides 5.B.6
  • technical warning/foul 13.G.3.e
  • time out 10.A.5

Apparel 2.G

  • violation 2.G.4

Ball specifications 2.D

  • cracked/broken 11.E

Calling the score 4.D

  • singles matches 4.I
  • doubles matches 4.J
  • wrong score called 4.K

Carry 3.A.1

  • deliberate Carry 7.N

Change of ends 5.B

Coaching 13.G.1.j

Court 3.A.3

  • baseline 2.B.1
  • centerline 2.B.5
  • Court specifications 2.A
  • cross court 3.A.4
  • items on Court 11.H
  • left/odd court 3.A.17; 2.B.7
  • lines and areas 2.B
  • net (see net)
  • non-volley zone 2.B.3
  • right/even court 3.A.31; 2.B.6
  • service court 3.A.36; 2.B.4
  • side lines 2.B.2

Dead ball

  • definition 3.A.5
  • rules 8


  • definition 3.A.6
  • rule 11.J

Double bounce 3.A.7

  • Wheelchair play 1
  • (see also two-bounce rule)


Double hit

  • definition 3.A.8
  • allowed 11.A

Ejection 3.A.9

  • scoring guidelines 12.F.6
  • from tournament 13.M

Equipment prob. (player) 11.G

  • item on Court 11.H

Expel 3.A.10; 13.M

  • from tournament 13.A.4

Fault rules 7

  • definition 3.A.11
  • Double bounce 7.E
  • non-volley zone 9.B to 9.D
  • plane of net 7.M; 11.I
  • receiver faults 4.N
  • service faults 4.M
  • striking permanent object 7.J
  • touching live ball 7.H; 7.I
  • touching net system or post 7.G
  • two-bounce rule 7.A


  • defined 3.A.13
  • game 13.H
  • match 13.I
  • scoring guidelines 12.F.6

Hinder 3.A.16

Incorrect player positions 4.B.9, 4.B.10, 4.B.11

Injury during rally 11.F

  • medical time-out 10.B

Line call rules 6

  • benefit of doubt 6.D.3; 6.D.9
  • called promptly 6.D.8; 6.D.10
  • called before bounce 6.D.11
  • called after bounce 6.D.12
  • definition 3.A.18
  • point of contact 6.C
  • requesting opponent help 6.D.6
  • requesting referee help 6.D.3

live ball 3.A.19

Missed shot 11.D

Non-volley zone (NVZ)

  • defined 3.A.21
  • volley momentum 9.B; 9.C
  • rules 9

Not ready signals 4.C.1

Net 2.C

  • ball spins back untouched 11.L.4
  • bottom 2.C.6
  • height 2.C.5
  • net posts 11.K
  • net in play 11.L
  • specifications 2.C


  • one paddle 11.N
  • paddle possession 11.O

Paddle specifications 2.E

  • alterations 2.E.5; 2.E.6
  • approved paddle 2.F.1
  • grip adjustment 3.A.22
  • model designation 2.E.7
  • prohibited alterations 2.E.6
  • size 2.E.3
  • surface 2.E.2
  • violation 2.F.1.a

permanent object 3.A.24; 7.J

Player positions 4.B

  • questions to referee 4.B.9; 4.B.10

Playing surface 3.A.26

Points 4.G

rally 3.A.27

receiver 3.A.28

Referee/line judge removal 13.J, 13.K.

Replay 3.A.29

  • Cracked/broken ball 11.E
  • Line call, officiated play 13.D.3.c
  • wrong score called 4.K.1

Rules challenge 13.A.1

Sanctioned tournament 12

Scoring 4.F

Select side, serve, receive, or defer 5.A serve

  • definition 3.A.34
  • first server 3.A.12
  • horizontal bar w/center base 11.L.5
  • identification, starting server 5.A.2
  • readiness 4.C
  • second serve 3.A.32
  • second server 3.A.33
  • service court 3.A.36
  • service faults 4.M
  • service foot Fault 4.L
  • service motion 4.A.3-5
  • server 3.A.35
  • serving area 3.A.37
  • starting server 3.A.39 (see starting server)

Shot around net post 11.M; 11.L.3

Side out 3.A.38

Side selection rules 5.A.1


  • calling the score 4.I
  • player positions 4.B.5
  • wheelchair play 4.B.6

starting server

  • changing starting server 5.A.2
  • definition 3.A.39
  • identification band 5.A.3
  • suspended games 10.G

Technical foul 3.A.40; 13.G.2

technical warning 3.A.41; 13.G.1

Time allowances

  • between games 5.B.2; 10.E
  • between matches 10.F
  • end change during game 5.B.6

Time-out rules 10

  • called before serve occurs 10.A.3
  • before match or game 10.H.1
  • blood 10.B.5
  • equipment time out 10.D
  • extenuating circumstances 10.H.2
  • Continuous play 10.C
  • medical time-out 10.B
  • standard time-out 10.A

Tournament management and officiating 13

  • appeals 13.F
  • forfeiture of game 13.H
  • forfeiture of match 13.I
  • line judges 13.E
  • player line/fault call responsibilities 13.D
  • referee’s duties 13.C
  • removal of referee or line judge 13.K, 13.K.1
  • rules interpretation 13.J
  • technical warning/foul 13.G
  • tournament director 13.A

Two-bounce rule Page 1; 7.A

Two-handed shot 11.C

volley 3.A.42

Winning the game page 1, 4.H

Withdraw 3.A.43

  • scoring guidelines 12.F.7
  • tournament rules 12.F.5

Wrong score called 4.K

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One thought on “2021 USA Pickleball Official Rulebook Index”

  • How do the rules reconcile 2021 rule 4.H with Section 1-The Game? Recently a club member claimed that 4.H does not require winning by two and he is correct that it says nothing about that. And it should be obvious that “The first side scoring the winning point wins” as how could it be otherwise? However, the word “Typically” in Section 1 leaves room for argument in 4.H as to what the “winning point” is. Customarily we’ve (and every other group I’ve played with) have used the win-by-at-least-two. So, how can this be definitively put to rest?

    Section 1-The Game
    Typically, the first side scoring 11 points and leading by at least a 2-point margin wins.

    4.H. Winning the Game. The first side scoring the winning point wins.

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