US Open Pickleball Championships – Quarterfinal DeHeart/Oshiro v Todd/Johnson Pickleball Channel on May 2, 2024 at 7:44 pm

The last upload of these quarterfinal matches caught on iphone. This one is between Ryler DeHeart and Bobbi Oshiro versus Parris Todd and Hunter Johnson. Both teams fighting to make it to the semifinals. Again, if you haven’t read the descriptions from the other uploads…this was on a whim while the big cameras were still getting set up. We captured it with an iphone on a bad wifi connection so…apologies! But we didn’t want to miss it entirely. So, with the crunchy audio and one angle, we are putting it up. Make sure to watch the entire live stream from the whole week at the US Open Pickleball Championships! #pickleball #pickleballdoubles #pickleballtournament,


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