USA Pickleball’s New Logo and Name (Formally USAPA)


Welcome to USA Pickleball’s New Logo and Updated Website!

They are excited to announce a brand re-launch that includes a new, modern logo, and an updated website and URL at The new brand name officially changed from USAPA to USA Pickleball, aligning it with other sports governing bodies and our USA Pickleball National Championships. The new name, logo and website will strengthen USA Pickleball’s worldwide image as the official Pickleball organization in the U.S. and will help attract new players and future ambassadors.

The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) was formed in 2005. The last time the USAPA logo was updated, in 2013, the governing body had 4,000 members. By January 2020, membership had accelerated ten-fold, surpassing 40,000 members. The Sports Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) estimates the number of active Pickleball players in America is 3.3 million.

Specific to the new-and-improved website, a key goal was to make it easier to navigate. Using data and analytics, the new website was designed to improve the user experience and make information easy to find and share with an emphasis on visual design.

The speed of the website was also improved, allowing for faster loading and page refresh times for users. The site receives more than half of its web traffic from mobile devices, ensuring that the user experience is optimized for any and all devices – not just desktop. A new framework and theme were built to showcase the site’s modern design. And a new “What is Pickleball” animated video was produced to support one of the top web pages on the site and build awareness by providing an overview of the basics of the sport. Check it out!

We appreciate and thank all of our members, Ambassadors, partners and team for all you do for the sport and the organization, and for making pickleball one of the fastest growing sports!

For questions or comments regarding the website, please send an email to [email protected]

Thank you!

One thought on “USA Pickleball’s New Logo and Name (Formally USAPA)”

  • Formerly a commissioner of Baseball for the AAU I was the first trial run for USA Baseball to host a 14u event, persuaded it was the beginning of an extensive model to identify players for USA Baseballs search for the best players. Very quickly the world learned they wanted to break into many sports with competing events. Soon the franchised offered for $10,000 ten individuals throughout the US who would have territories to themselves. Jeff McCay, northwest, Adam farb CA…
    This was the most unethical move I’ve seen in youth sports.
    I’m retired now living up in McCall idaho area and very involved with Pickleball.
    Is USAPA now affiliated with USA sports who claims authority because of an outdated federal award as the governing body fir youth sports ( sorry for the editorial)?
    It may be time for more governing bodies in Pickleball.
    Mike Heyer

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