We are now an Engage Pickleball dealer

We are now an authorized Engage Pickleball dealer.

EngagePickleball is a US-based manufacturer that takes Pickleball paddles to the next level.  They perform every step of the paddle manufacturing process themselves here in the United States.

All the design, innovation and creativity is done internally by their engineers.  They work with US-based suppliers to come up with new core components and processes.  They then take all this into their own manufacturing plant to design, engineer and build the leading edge paddles with their own in-house technicians.

Why do They do this when most paddle manufacturers outsource their paddles to OEM manufacturers overseas.  It’s simple.  To ensure the quality and workmanship in every paddle They make, and the proper ‘quality controls’ and procedures are in place.  The result; Technologically advanced paddles backed by industry leading warranty process and game changing customer service.

When they design a paddle, it goes through a rigorous and thorough testing process to ensure it plays, lasts, and withstands the punishment.  All of their paddles comply with the USAPA guidelines and are listed and approved for sanctioned tournament play.

At EngagePickleball, they have a unique approach and incorporate innovation into every paddle They make.  They use ‘Applied Physics’ on every paddle design to engineer and optimize the positioning of the ‘sweet spot’ in relation to your hand.  They innovate and test different dimensions and material compositions on average every 7-10 days.  No other Pickleball manufacturer tests the boundaries and invests as much in ‘Research and Development’.  What does that mean?  It means producing paddles with the right balance of power, ball control and overall feel.  Why do they do that?  So, you play the best Pickleball you can.

Prototypes (used before paddles go into production for the general public) are tested by beginner, intermediate, and professional Pickleball players.  Feedback is taken and engineered back into the next version of the Prototypes.  Once these Prototypes have gone through this extensive repeatable process for an extended period of time, they are then put into production, to be sold to the general public.  This ensures the exceptional quality of their products and their playing enjoyment.

They also stand behind their commitment to excellence by offering a ‘no question asked’ 30-day money back guarantee, a ‘lifetime’ warranty against defects and a 5-year no ‘dead-spot’ guarantee.

Beyond their ‘vision’ of creating the best Pickleball paddles in the world, their ‘mission’ is to grow the sport.  How do They do that?  By giving back to the community.  They give 5% of their total revenue to encouraging and growing the sport with the youth…by holding junior tournaments, fostering the sport in schools, and donating paddles to local communities.

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