BADDLE Pickleball is coming to Pickleball Central with a great new range of Paddles!

Baddle Pickleball Paddles launched during the COVID-19 pandemic and has made a mark with their colorful stylish graphics. Their new paddles offer options in graphite and fiberglass as well as an elongated shape and a smaller paddles thoughtfully designed for youth.,

Baddle Pickleball Paddles launched during the COVID-19 pandemic and has made a mark with their colorful stylish graphics. Their new paddles offer options in graphite and fiberglass as well as an elongated shape and a smaller paddles thoughtfully designed for youth. Our recent Q&A with Baddle gives a glimpse into this fun new pickleball brand that you’re sure to be seeing more of out on the courts.

Baddle Pickleball Paddles

What inspired you to get into developing pickleball paddles?

Playing outdoor pickleball was a saving grace for us during a period of lock-down. We had always been casual players, but during the pandemic, we started playing more, which led to playing even more…. and so goes the obsession with the sport. Early into our obsession, we realized we wanted gear that made us look and feel good. We didn’t just want performance, and we didn’t just want unique style. We wanted both and couldn’t find it. So we set out to create a line of paddles with the best of both worlds. Today, our collection has grown into paddles, gear, apparel, and more – including the recent launch of our new Junior Pickleball Paddles.

Baddle Pickleball NEW at Pickleball Central

What is the difference between your paddles designed for adults and those made for kids?

Pickleball is such an inclusive sport and we’re seeing the highest growth of players in the younger age groups, so we thought, “let’s do a junior paddle!” Little did we know it would become a new obsession. We wanted to design a paddle specifically for kids aged 6-12 that makes them feel, look and play like the little pros they are.

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You might think you just scale down an adult paddle, and boom, you have yourself a youth paddle. But that’s actually not the way you want to do it. If you were to simply scale down the proportions of an adult paddle, you’d end up with an unbalanced, smaller sweet spot paddle. Instead, we found that elongating the surface of the paddle and narrowing and shortening the grip of the paddle led to a comparable paddle for kids. Essentially, our junior paddles mimic the balance, control and sweet spot of an adult paddle.

Baddle Pickleball Junior Paddle

What are the differences between the Lancer and the Echelon paddles?

It’s subtle, but there is one major difference. Essentially, fiberglass (what our Lancer surface is made from) offers more pop than graphite (what our Echelon surface is made from).

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Note: this doesn’t translate to one being “better” than the other. It’s about playing style and skill level. Often, we recommend the Echelon to beginner and intermediate players, who may be looking to practice control and shot placement. And for higher level intermediate and advanced players, we recommend the Lancer paddle. This is because these players may be looking to enhance the power of their shots because they already feel extremely confident in their shot accuracy.

Lancer Paddle by Baddle Pickleball made with Fiberglass

Echelon Paddle by Baddle Pickleball made with Graphite

How do you come up with the cool designs for your paddle graphics?

We take pride in our designs and our creative team is constantly cooking up new patterns for paddles and apparel. They monitor design trends to find inspiration on what’s hot not only in pickleball and adjacent sports like tennis, but also in the broader fashion world. Our goal is to have other players coming up to our “Baddlers” on the court and asking them about their paddles because of how recognizable the graphics are.

Baddle Pickleball New to Pickleball Central

Why did you find it important to include an elongated shape in your paddle line-up?

Because it’s fun, easy to learn, and the most inclusive sport out there, we’re committed to getting as many people involved in pickleball as possible. So we’re always on the lookout to bring new designs and shapes into our offerings to help provide top-notch gear to any playing style.

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Players who prefer an elongated paddle often have shorter reaches, so having even just a little more length on the paddle surface helps them cover a little more ground. Some players also prefer an elongated paddle for the more forgiving sweet spot. It’s perfect for players getting back into the game or for new picklers, too.

What’s next for Baddle?

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with other major brands, pros around the world, and tournament events, and we hope to keep growing the pickleball community by finding new ways to partner with different pickleballers – like Pickleball Central!

We’re also excited about some next generation apparel we have in the hopper. Stay tuned for more details there. We’re thrilled not only about new fabrics and designs, but also the overall style of our new line.

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Still not sure which one you should get or want to know more about a certain paddle? Call us at 1-888-730-8474. Nothing makes us happier than helping you find a paddle that fits your game. Buy with confidence, knowing you have a 30-day test drive to make sure it works on the courts – where it counts.


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